Employing a data-led approach, deep audience understanding and visualising complex data allowed Binghamton University to exceed campaign expectations

Binghamton University’s goal was to recruit students who lived within a 500 mile radius outside of New York. As a secondary objective, they wanted to generate more brand awareness, focusing on the university’s outstanding education at an affordable cost.

Natives Global Consulting  conducted deep-dive audience research, combined with sector insights, to inform a cross-channel social media campaign.  But, it was the tracking of how potential students engaged with these advertisements that made this campaign different. 

By analysing the number of clicks on the campaign landing pages, portions of the articles read to the bottom, downloads of course-related content, and leads generated from the marketing activity, allowed the team to  track and create content based on what was attracting students to the site.

The team also wanted to up-skill members of the University’s web team so they were in a position to use analytics more effectively across the site. Up-skilling the team included an audit of the technical setup of the University’s  web analytics, team training sessions and follow-up support to the web director and web developer,  guiding them in implementing customised data collection and reporting. The four-month ad campaign was analysed daily, providing informative, personalised weekly updates to Binghamton. “They made very strong suggestions on where we were doing well and performing well,” says Gregory Delviscio, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications. “We would receive regular reports and we would talk on a weekly basis.” Binghamton was also able to track their campaign independently through their personalised campaign dashboard - presenting complex data in a way that would allow for better marketing decisions.

The results exceeded Binghamton’s expectations. The campaign was seen more than 5 million times by its targeted audience, resulting in 45,000 clicks and traffic through Binghamton’s website, generating 500 high-quality inquiries from potential students.

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